Supplies needed for math this year...
5 subject notebook with plastic cover- MEAD 5 star or the like- holds handouts perfectly and has built in pockets

composition book

pencil pouch loaded with- pencils, erasers, adhesive(glue, tape or stapler), colored pencils or markers (no sharpies, please), checking pen, highlighter, low odor dry eraser marker and old sock, ear buds

folder - (plastic is best) to house- graph paper approx 10 sheets, loose-leaf paper approx 10 sheets, hw, ruler (standard and metric)

calculator- TI30xii...( can end with s(olar) or b(attery)

*book to read

Tuesday, 10/18 brain boost!

Monday 10/17- review study guide- answers on google classroom.

Friday 10 /14 study guide, IXL (see google classroom) and Brain boost!

Thursday, 10/13

Tuesday, 10/11 word problems CHOOSE 5
Monday 10/10 pizza problem - use the guided questions to help you.

Friday 10/7 Brain boost!

Thursday 10/6
multiplying and dividing rational numbers

Wednesday 10/5 multipying and dividing integers hw- copy on llp
Tuesday, 10/4 maze phraze
Thursday- 9/29 revise task - follow check sheet
Wednesdy 9/28- study guide questions 14-25 on llp show all work! (see attachment below)

Tuesday 9/27 study guide questions 1-13 on llp show all work!!!

Monday 9/26
fractional directions TASK- finish up if redoing test on +-

Friday, 9/23 BRAIN BOOST - 30 min of activity

Thursday adding and subtracting signed fractions do on llp again

Wednesday 9/21
adding and subtracting signed fractions. Do on llp
Tuesday, 9/20 IXL 7C3 for 20 min OR 100% mastery!

Monday, 9/19-
finish up the pre-test you started in class today.

Thursday 9/15- IXL 7th grade C5- you must get at least an 80% or practice for 20 min.
Wednesday- integer subtraction forcefield then add the opposite
Tuesday- pyramid math
and 1 visual word problem on paper

Monday- multiple addends. finish at least 5 visual word problems from google classroom

Friday, 9/9- BRAINBOOST! play outside, practice a sport, take a walk or run, ride your bike etc for at least 30 min. Have your parents sign the BRAINBOOST record sheet.

Thursday, 9/8 You may do both assignments on the same sheet of paper
do questions 4-8 on llp on factoring before multiplying - and model +

Wednesday, Sept 7
organize rational numbers- write on worksheet

Tuesday, Sept 6
Absolute value worksheet- copy the problems and do on loose-leaf paper - it is in google classroom, or can be accessed here...

Friday, Sept 2
BRAIN BOOST - play outside for at least 30 min over the weekend. Have your parents sign your agenda!

Thursday, September 1
6th grade review hw on loose-leaf. Copy all problems, show all work, do NOT use a calculator!

Friday, Sept 2- BRAINBOOST- exercise for at least 1/2 hour over the weekend- get your parents to sign your agenda.