Homework--Hw on google classroom! Thanks

Tuesday- 5/24- Finish the work on google classroom!
answers there too.
Monday, 5/24- READY book p. 52-58 (42-53, 55,57)

Codes for missing assignments in schoolnet
triangles/angles quiz HA8MU2F
volume quiz RE8Xe3RA
geometry test - Ku8SY5Py
stats quiz - honors only RY4CY3
ready book p. 72-74 Lu5SU5N
Geometric Probability- honors only GE6HE5BY- question 2 should read the probablity of hitting the WHITE part!
READY book p. 80-85 SY6KE8X- choose C for number 37.

Castle learning- EOG assignment cms-student id/student id
stats warm up quiz -

5/20 Brain BOOST!!!!
5/19 - READY 86-91

5/18 READY book pgs. 80-85 SELFIE!
5/17 EOG reviw w.s.
5/16- READY book p. 77-79 SELFIE! castle learning if not done.
Friday, 5/13 Castle Learning - 7th grade EOG review
Thursday, 5/12- READY book p. 72-74 S(how your work) E(liminate answer choices) L(abel pictures) F(ormulas written) I(highlighted) E(valuate/check answers)

Wednesday, 5/11- surface area and volume practice. write out all numbers, highlight, get your progress report signed!

Tuesday, 5/10 READY book p. 70-71 SELFIE
Monday, 5/9- READY book p. 68-69 questions 11-16 for a grade SELFIE
Thursday- surface area and volume hw part 2 do 5-8 only
Wednesday 5/4 - hw volume, surface area, scale factor, 3D cross sections if not done in CASTLE LEARNING
monday 5/2 hw surface area and volume 1-4 only on the attachment- show me how you got your answers
Friday- IXL practice 7th grade math for 1 hour total for the weekend.

Thursday 4/29 READY book test 3 p. 64-66 questions 1-8 SELFIE

Wednesday- castle learning volume and 3D cross-sections, if not already done. Brain boost with pulse pre- post

Tuesday- volume of prisms and pyramids

Monday 4/25- composite shapes practice. Do onllp, highlight, formula , substitute. you MAY use a calculator.
Friday, 4/22- READY book TEST 1 ( 32,34,40, 45,49,51) Calculator ACTIVE portion of quarterly
REDO video QUESTIONS 1-25 https://youtu.be/xj3VPMGjr3M QUESTIONS 26-43 https://youtu.be/5TNJSu-KTug
EOG- Let me take a SELFIE !
Showed all of my work

Eliminated obvious wrong answer choices

Labeled pictures I drew

Formulas are written

I highlighted the problem, key words, and graphics

Evaluated/checked my answers.
EOG- Let me take a SELFIE !
Showed all of my work

Eliminated obvious wrong answer choices

Labeled pictures I drew

Formulas are written

I highlighted the problem, key words, and graphics

Evaluated/checked my answers.
EOG- Let me take a SELFIE !
Showed all of my work

Eliminated obvious wrong answer choices

Labeled pictures I drew

Formulas are written

I highlighted the problem, key words, and graphics

Evaluated/checked my answers.

Thursday, 4/21
brain boost pulse- pre post AND IXL lessons K1 K3 and K4 TEST in SCHOOLNET HA8MU2F

Tuesday 4/19
test review

Monday APRIL 18 - READY book- selfie protocol- TEST 1 questions 3,4,9,28,29 calculator active show all work,
AND- quarterly revisions calculator active ONLY you tube video here if you need help https://youtu.be/WQu0oKly9ew?rel=0

Weekend 4/15 etc- brain boost

Wednesday 4/13 brainboost
note pulse for 10 seconds pre and post activity. record and save for project later in the month
Tuesday 4/12 angles and special angles worksheet
Monday 4/11- brainboost- note pulse for 10 seconds pre and post activity. record and save for project later in the month

Thursday, 4/7- hw test tomorrow, study your study guide, the part of the circle worksheet and the monkey worksheet. you need earbuds tomorrow for class, and you have BRAINBOOST for hw tonight- no signature required.

Wednesday 4/6-
Circle test (Friday) - study guide answers to study guide
Tuesday 4/5- monkey worksheet


formula resource if you need it. http://www.mathsisfun.com/area.html

Monday 4/4- part of the picture worksheet all classes
Monday 3/21- test corrections for the expressions, equations, inequalities test in schoolnet- you must copy the problem and work out the correct new answer to receive points back

Calculator INACTIVE do on llp- I need to see all work
1) Express as a decimal 11/16
2) I clean 2/3 of my car in 5/8 hour. How long to clean my entire car?
3) Austin ran 11/5 of a mile in ¼ of an hour. What is his speed in miles per hour?
4) Write an equation that represents the point (21, 3)
5) Write in simplest form 3/4(-12 + 8y)-(3-4y)
6) Find the area around the circle- if it is placed in a square with a side length of 5 inches.
7) What is the balance in Joe’s account if he deposits $ 25 a week for 5 weeks, withdraws 34.68, writes a check for $21.49.
8) Which is a better deal? A coupon for $9 off or 21% off. You are buying something for $42.

Wednesday 3/15 do questions below SKIP 2, 5
Quarter 3 – Quarterly Study Guide- Calculator ACTIVE
1) Integers- find the distance between 31.5 feet below sea level and 58.8 feet above
2) Geometry- a circle has a center point of (-3,-3) and a point on the side of this circle is at (-3,2) What is the area of this circle?
3) Fractions- I spent ½ hour weeding, 1 2/3 hours planting, , 2 ¼ hours mowing and the rest of the time raking, in my yard- if I spent a total of 6 hours outside, how long did I spend raking?
4) Constant of proportionality- If x and y are proportional, and x is 3 and y is 15. What is the constant of proportionality (k)
5) Circles- a circular sprinkler has a radius of 5 feet. What is the area it can cover in terms of pi?
6) Percent. Dinner was 15.60. I left a $2.34 tip. How much should I leave today for lunch that was 3.00? (I want to leave the same %)
7) Inequalities – solve and graph 3x + 5 is less than or equal to 20
8) Tax – How much was a shirt that was for sale for $15.00 and I had to pay 7. 5 % tax?
9) Number lines- what numbers are the same distance from -5 as 9 is from -2?
10) Rational numbers – Solve ½ - (-2/3)
11) Fractions- I was making a rug. I cut 4 equal pieces from a piece of fabric that was 18 ¼ inches wide. I had a piece of fabric leftover that was 2 ¼ inches wide. How wide was each of the pieces that I cut?
12) Equations- Write and solve. Mary is three years more than twice as old as Paul. If Mary is 21, how old is Paul?
13) Constant of Proportionality- What is the constant of proportionality for a point on a graph a (14, 2)?
14) Equations- The band was having a fundraiser, they were selling cookies. Rachel sold $93.75 worth of cookies Chocolate chip cookies were $5.75, Rachel sold 9 of them. There were also sugar cookies for sale. If Rachel sold 17 packages of cookies in all, how much were the sugar cookies?

Monday 3/14-
block 2 and 3 -

Thursday 3/10- test review

Monday 3/7
block 2 and 3

block 5 and 6

Thursday 3/3-

block 2 and 3 vocabulary activity -

block 5 and 6 do on loose-leaf paper please, if the problem is an inequality- you need to also graph your solution, please

Wednesday, 3/2
Word problem worksheet all classes

MLK questions

Thursday, 2/25- BRAINBOOST- get it signed!!!
quiz tomorrow on 2 step equations.
Wednesday 2/23
block 2 and 3 solving 2 step equations worksheet - odd numbered problems- get progress report signed.

block 5 and 6- fraction equation problems- answers to be attached later- check my work with yours if you are confused!!!

Friday, 2/19- brain boost - get a signature (have your parents sign on Monday :-)

Thursday, 2/18- BRAINBOOST- get a signature...

Wednesday, 2/17- 7ee2 worksheet

Tuesday- 7ee1 worksheet
Wednesday 2/10- study guide _ DUE TOMORROW- do on llp!

Monday 2/8- block 2 and 3 brain boost- get signature
block 5 and 6 factoring w.s.- be sure to answer all questions.
Friday, 2/5 blocks 2 and 3 expressions hw with perimeter
block 5 and 6- brain boost

Thursday, 2/4- blocks 2 and 3
add and subtract linear expressions hw

block 5 and 5- simplifying expressions hw - quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2/3-
block 2 and 3 distributive property practice

block 5 and 6 adding and subtracting linear expressions

Tuesday 2/2- BRAIN BOOST- be sure to get a parent signature!!!

Monday, 2/1-- percent test tomorrow- calculator active- bring your calc to class tomorrow!
Must be done on llp and you must show all work! ANSWERS
Friday 1/30
study guide worked out

Thursday, 1/29 study guide for test on Tuesday 2/2

Wednesday, 1/28
all classes test analysis of the 2 Quarter Quarterly- parent signature required.

thursday 1/21/2016
Gallery crawl


Friday 1/15 Quarterly review-

calc active questions 1-9 answers calc active questions 1-9 001.jpg

calc active 10-16calc active questions 1-10 001.jpg

calc inactive 1-6calc inactive 1-6 001.jpg

calculator inactive 7-13 calc inactive 7-13 001.jpg

Wede, 1/13
simple interest hw- do on llp- quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday 1/12- 6 question hw for the last question pick a number and do the math on it both ways, then pick a different number, do the math on it both ways and use your math to explain your answer.

Monday 1/11 - work from google classroom not completed in class today.
pages 2-7 calc active

Friday 1/8- brain boost

Thursday 1/7- brain boost

Wednesday, 1/6/16
block 2 and 3 percent worksheet do 1-8 and 10 only.
block 5 and 6

Tuesday, 1/5/16
block 2 and 3 percent of change etc hw.
block 5 and 6- see above AND wb p., 191 9-16

Monday- 1/4/16
block 2 and 3 percent of change problems
block 5 and 5 percent of change problems- see above AND workbook page 191- (1-8)

Tuesday- 12/15 study for test- optional extra work...
Monday- 12/14 TEST Wednesday!!! study guide and answers to study guide below.
Friday- block 2 and 3 study guide

Thursday, brain boost
block 5and 6 also wb page 9 all of it p. 11 (1-10)

Wednesday- Monster worksheet

Tuesday, 12/8- none!

Monday, 12/7
multiple percents hw-

Friday brain boost, mark up etc with answers

Thursday, 12/3 mark up tax etc w.s do the problems EXACTLY the way I did them!

block 5/6 also do page 7 in the ALGEBRA workbook!

Tuesday, 12/1- brain boost pulse pre/post



Friday- Test Revisons on LLP- WAtch the videos to correct the questions you got wrong.

Calculator INACTIVE- <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1nIujY_cdQo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>?rel=0
Calculator ACTIVE- 315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_JYMlzIh3pk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>?rel=0

Thursday 11/19- solving percent problems using bar models- quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday- all classes use a bar model to solve

Monday- Brain boost

Friday- castle learning assignment. See attached if you can't figure out how to log in to castle learning.
Thursday- TEST tomorrow!!! 2nd test review

Tuesday- TEST review for test FRIDAY-. Be sure to show how you arrived at your answers.

Monday- scale factor w.s.

Tuesday, 11/3 CARTOON project due tomorrow!

Friday- 10/30 Cartoon project-Due 11/4 rubric attached

Tuesday- 10/27 all classes- test review - do the questions LIKE the ones you missed on your quarterly- retake FRIDAY- If you need help you may look at the following youtube video.
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kEHxe-LHkxY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>?rel=0
BE sure to do all of your work on llp.

last 3 questions- honors only last 3 questions video
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bd-Ht4rh03Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday 10/26-
block 2 and 3 fraction, decimal percent practice- Do NOT use a calculator!!!

block 5 and 6 square root practice.

Tuesday, 10/20- QUARTERLY TOMORROW! hw all classes

Monday 10 /19
all classes test review

Friday, 10/15 all classes... TEST REVIEW For test WEDNESDAY do on loose-leaf paper, come prepared with questions on Monday.

Thursday, 10/14
all classes- quiz tomorrow do word problems for practice...

Tuesday, October 13
block 2 and 3- complex fractions worksheet - questions 1-12

block 5 and 6- finish up house picture with unit rate...

Monday- block 2 and 3 scarecrow coloring sheet

block 5 and 6 see above AND finish up and get the test analysis done.

block 5/6 extra test questions...
write in standard form
a. 1.3 x 10 ^ -3 (10 to the negative 3rd power)
b. 2.87 x 10^7 (10 to the 7th)
c. 4^ -2 (4 to the negative 2nd)
d. 5^3 (5 to the 3rd)
e. write in scientific notation...
e.. 1,300, 000
f. 0.00017

Thursday, worksheet to review for test...
block 2 and 3 the first worksheet
block 5 and 6 the second worksheet

Wednesday, BRAIN BOOST pulse pre/post

Tuesday, 10/6 tables and equations of proportional relationships hw.
block 5 and 6 LEAKY FAUCET TOO. IN Google Classroom

Monday 10/5 review for test on WEDNESDAY- do on loose-leaf paper- I will be collecting this tomorrow.

Friday review of 7ns2 and 7 ns3 for test on Wednesday.

Thursday, 10/1 TEST review fraction worksheet do on llp.

Wednesday, 9/30
block 2 and 3 test review and first in math fractions
block 5 and 6 test review and first in math yakkity yak 7/8 (from the home screen go to know and show (k and s) then choose 7 and 8 then choos e yakkity, yak) for about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, 9/29 all classes review in school net questions 8-15 or here... and tiny worksheet

Monday- 9/28 all classes... TEST REVIEW IN SCHOOLNET VU3TU9LU3 questions 1-7 if you cannot get into powerschool the pdf of the questions follows. do in your bfn p. 15 NO CALCULATOR!!!
And... fraction attraction w.s.

Friday, 9/25 Brain Boost

Thursday, 9/24
block 2 and 3 - cow worksheet- use your notes!
block 5 and 6 - cow worksheet and finish up scientific notation worksheet.

Tuesday, 9/22- hw brain boost with pre and post pulse
warm up quiz and subtracting integers for redo answers for integers quiz under flashcard tab at right.

Monday 9/21- adding fractions with notes for people who needed additional help
all classes - cupid worksheet
Thursday, 9/17 hw all classes .... watch video and copy notes in nb on page 11, then do the worksheet on either the worksheet or llp.
youtube video https://youtu.be/lWnPuwP3oyk?rel=0

Wednesday, 9/16
all classes- BRAIN BOOST- resting pulse and pulse after exercise.

Tuesday, 9/15
block 2 and 3 + and - integer w.s. all 30 prob
block 5 and 6 - integer worksheet see attachment below

Monday, 9/14
blocks 2 and 3 subtracting integers worksheet (2nd page of attachment)
block 5 and 6- exponents worksheet and subtracting integers worksheet

Friday, 9/11/15
all classes BRAIN BOOST!

Wed/Thursday 9/9-9/10 all classes. BRAIN BOOST

Tuesday 9/8

block 2 and 3- revise warm up by doing with video under "youtube" on my wiki- it is the first link AND schoolnet test - code: VU9CA2
block 5 and 6 revise warm up by doing with video under "youtube" on my wiki- it is the first link schoolnet test - code: DY8SU5TE6

Friday, 9/4 all classes. BRAIN BOOST

Thursday, 9/3 all classes. worksheet to review ...

Wednesday, 9/2 BRAIN BOOST

Tuesday, 9/1
block 2 AND 3 dividing decimals
block 5 and 6 multiple addends integer problems

Monday, August 31-
block 2 and 3 - dividing fractions hw
block 5 and 6 dividing fractions hw
Friday, August 28- BRIAN BOOST

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Block 2 and 3 integer/absolute value notes. fill in the information in the notes paper you received today, do the exercises at the bottom as well- have your parents do the survey from Monday, if they have not yet done so.
Block 5 and 6 - squares and roots hw. Be SURE to follow the directions I gave in class and the directions I wrote on the sheet. Do NOT use a calculator!
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
All classes- BRAIN BOOST homework.
do some sort of aerobic activity for 30 minutes- have your parents sign the pink paper.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
use the words below to decorate the first page of your math notebook. Use color you may give an example or draw a picture (do not take up the whole page). Bring back any forms. Have your parents EMAIL me and do the survey below. Thanks!
natural numbers, rational numbers, whole numbers, integer, origin, x axis, y axis, quadrants, absolute value, opposite, greater than, less than, equal to.

Monday, August 24, 2015-
All blocks...
Set up big, fat notebook (bfn). Number the pages in the first section just in the upper right hand corner of each page. Label the very first page NUMBER, please bring back the signed portion of the syllabus and all other paperwork. Have you parents fill out the google form linked here. Thank you!
Homework for Parents :-) Please open and fill out the form below- thank you!
<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cbeMYkdt59qh-Xh3zzVBlUeBk4m-pXapistkIOli7Ng/viewform?embedded=true" width="760" height="500" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Loading...</iframe>