Homework-- supplies... Mead 5 star- 5 subject notebook- college ruled 200 pages or any other notebook with a PLASTIC cover (these are by the checkout at Target for $4.79), a plastic folder, a composition book, 4 AAA batteries, ti 30xiis calculator, pencils, blue/black pen, earbuds, coloring stuff, glue sticks, loose-leaf paper, graph paper, ruler (standard and metric) pencil pouch, dry erase marker/eraser, scissors

October 23- Quarterly tomorrow!
October 20- play outside :-) Quarterly on Tuesday.

October 19 quarterly review- do on llp- use your notes!!!

October 17 redo test tomorrow IXL (if not doing redo IXL7 G9, 7G13, 7H1, 7H8)

October 16- study guide questions 1-18 (except #2)
#3 is negative it should read -15/3
#7 answer A should have a bar over the 13 B should have a bar over only the 3
#13 the answer is NOT simplified
do this in your nb on page 20 in part 1- be sure to show your work- do NOT just write the letter of the answer you choose.

Oct 12 play outside

10/11/17 thinking blocks 20 min http://www.mathplayground.com/tb_ratios/index.html
10/10 finish parallel problems from google classroom today, if not done.

October 9 multiplying and dividing rational numbers

October 6- redo circus task (some of you) Remember I need to see your math and your answers need to be in complete sentences- and play outside

October 5- TEST tomorrow on ADDING and SUBTRACTING rational numbers IXL on what YOU need try 7c1, 7c5 and 7h6 Redo the questions on the study guide that you missed now that you have the correct answers.
October 4- questions 16-25 finish the study guide see below
October 3 Questions 1-15 on the study guide for test Friday
October 2
fraction attraction worksheet- do work for questions (1-12 only ) on llp Thank you
9/29- circus task if you haven't done it yet- no calculator!

9/28 - potato puff worksheet - number 11- 22 do on llp. Finish up GCF/LCM- if that's you. Finish up Circus- if that's you.

9/27- dividing fractions and mixed numbers worksheet- do this on loose-leaf paper, copy the problem then rewrite as a multiplication problem, factor if possible, then solve. Write your answer as a mixed number or lowest terms fraction. Thank you

9/26- subtracting integers worksheet 1-27 (you got this today in class)
adding and subtracting integers practice problems/coloring sheet do on p. 9 of your bfn and IXL 6e9 gcf/lcm if you did not do well on your quiz

9/20- No hw- enjoy your long weekend!!!

9/19 captain kirk worksheet
Homework- complete the water crisis in Haiti- be sure your answers to questions 3,4,6,7,8,9 are all in complete sentences where you have incorporated the question into your answer. (the pdf is on 9/14, if you need to look at it again.) AND finish up the multiple addends assignment you began on Friday.

9/15- play outside
9/14 finish up water crisis in haiti

9/13 Wednesday- Please use your foldable to do the first 8 questions on the worksheet. You should write gcf or lcm then do the math for each problem on loose-leaf paper. Thank you.

9/12 Tuesday
watch the video and create the foldable - when done glue to p. 8 in your big fat notebook- thank you!

9/11 Monday
watch video and take notes on p 6 in your bfn
https://youtu.be/RV8DrVwAtv0 do the horse worksheet

9/8 Play outside for 1/2 h and write what you did in your agenda- have your parents sign. Quiz Monday
9/7 Port Royal task. Answer all of the questions in complete sentences on loose-leaf paper. Graph the points given on the graph at the top of the page (the one I gave you today in class)
9/6 - worksheet 8-4 coordinate grid picture

Tuesday 9/5- notetaking- you will need a sheet of graph paper and a ruler. Watch the video on the coordinate grid and take the notes as I give them. Thank you

Thursday , 8/30 /17 finish up questions from class today- see below if your lost yours and color the prime time picture- 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89,97

Wednesday, 8/30/17- QUESTION 6 is asking if there are any other numbers are colored like 30 and why you think that this is? Do you see a pattern?

Use the 100's chart and watch the video on the Sieve of Eratosthenes. This should all be done on p. 3 of your big fat notebook.(I have attached a 100 chart, in case you lost yours)
video link... https://youtu.be/-fTpTMiQt6Q

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Set up parts 3-5 (expressions and equations, geometry, and probability and statistics. Remember to start over at 1 in each section.
Parent paper if you haven't returned it yet. Thank you.
Monday, August 28, 2017
All blocks...
Set up big, fat notebook (bfn). Number the pages in the first section just in the upper right hand corner of each page. Label the very first page NUMBER. In the next section label the first page Ratios this is page one then number the upper right hand corner of each page in this section of your notebook 2,3,4...You only need to number the first 2 sections of your notebook. Please bring back the parent homework, and all other paperwork. Thank you!