Directions for Weekly Math: All problems must be done on looseleaf paper and labeled according to number. All work must be shown in order to receive credit. Draw lines to separate the work for each problem Highlight your final answer on the looseleaf paper and then write the answer on the weekly math sheet. It is suggested you complete one problem per night so as not to get behind. You may turn in completed weekly maths to me on Wednesday and I will grade them and return them on Thursday. You can then make corrections before the actual grade is assigned on Friday.

weekly math 28 skip 1B and bubble EITHER 3 or 8

weekly math 27
week 26-
week 25

week 24
week 23

week 22

week 21

week 20

week 19
week 18
week 17
week 16
week 15
week 14
week 13
week 12

week 11
week 10

week 9
week 8

weekly math 7

weekly math 6

weekly math 5
weekly math 4

weekly math week 3

weekly math week 2
weekly math week 1